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How to Deal with Bullies for Your Child

One of the biggest things a child has to deal with growing up is bullies. Bullying is a huge problem, especially for kids who are starting or are currently at school. As a parent or guardian, it is important that you are fully aware of what to look out for with regards to bullying.



Bullying does not necessarily have to be anything physical. Yes, bullying can be physical fights, pushing, hitting, or tripping people up. However, bullying also includes the following:

  • Name calling;
  • Teasing;
  • Scaring other people;
  • Leaving children out of group activities or social groups on purpose.
  • Tone of voice in which you speak

As you can see, there are many ways in which bullying can arise, especially on school grounds. Now that we have a good idea about what is classified as bullying, let’s take a look at some of the reasons that bullies might bully.



The main reason bullies bully other children is to get attention or they themselves have been bullied or have had hard life experiences. Bullies often think that by bullying someone else, it instantly makes them more ‘cool’ and/or ‘popular’. Every child wants to feel needed and enjoys getting attention, but bullies go about this the wrong way. They pick on someone else in order to make themselves feel better.

Below we have outlined a few key reasons as to why bullying occurs:

  • Social issues = this idea that social recognition can be established by acting out.
  • Family issues = families that are not warm-loving or attentive means that children growing up in that household could face discipline issues.
  • Personal issues = some children suffer with anti-social behavior, and these children will often act out in a bullying way.



What goes on behind the school gates can be hard for parents and guardians to fully understand. That is why, many parents are completely oblivious to their children being bullied.

However, we have outlined a few signs to look out for with regards to children being bullied. Of course, the below list is not extensive, and other signs may appear.

  • Unexplained physical marks on their body;
  • Loss of money, toys, or clothing;
  • Does not want to ride the school bus;
  • Does not want to go to school;
  • Afraid to be left alone;
  • Change in eating habits;
  • Appears to be more emotional (sad, angry, anxious);
  • Runs away;
  • Continuously blames themselves;
  • Difficulty sleeping (nightmares);
  • Does not ‘hang out’ with friends outside of school.



Dealing with bullies for your child can be extremely difficult. If you directly ask your child if they are being bullied, chances are they are going to give you a ‘no’ answer.

There are a few things that you can do in order to help your child.

  • Listen to your child, and don’t get upset with what they have to say;
  • Asking your child how they want you to sort this?
  • Discuss possible solutions (i.e. talking to a teacher or head teacher);
  • Encourage your child to be more confident.

Bullying is not a pleasant topic, but is something that is occurring more and more often. Looking out for the signs and knowing how to act in the event that your child becomes a victim of bullying is important. Make sure that you know everything there is know about bullying!